Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of Dana promete solucionar en las próximas 48 horas los problemas más graves del desastroso port


NISA ha anunciado hoy que ya se han identificado los problemas del lanzamiento del port para PC de Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of Dana, un lanzamiento que se ha visto afectado por numerosos problemas y que se ha calificado como uno de los ports más desastrosos de este año.

En concreto se han listado varios de los problemas, entre los que se incluye que la sincronización vertical no funciona o uno que causa crasheos al iniciar el título. Las soluciones se están investigando y en las próximas 48 llegará el primer parche que solventará el problema de la V-Sync.

Este es el comunicado oficial:


To begin, we have isolated one of the widest-reported bugs concerning crashes occurring on start and subsequent issues related to controller support. We have created a tutorial to temporarily solve the issue while we implement a permanent solution. You can find out more in our Troubleshooting Forum post here.

We are currently investigating all reports coming in to our Troubleshooting Forum, so please continue to report any and all issues you are encountering. We kindly request that you include additional relevant information such as the steps to reproduce and your system specs.

Known Issues as of 4/16/18:

-VSync is not working
-Audio Issues
-Slight flickering in light in Eroded Valley & Towering Coral Forest
-Full screen mode detection is currently not functioning well
-Irregular shadows
-Text errors
-Controller Issues (Detection, Joystick Input)

Roadmap/Order we plan on fixing:

-VSync issue to be fixed within 48 hours
-Controller Issues (Detection, Joystick Input)
-Fix flickering in Eroded Valley & Towering Coral Forest
-Fix irregular shadows
-Remaining issues noted above

With your help, we will address issues with the title, starting with critical fixes first such as client crashes, and proceeding from there. We would like to apologize for issues encountered, and reconfirm our commitment to fixing these issues in upcoming patches.
Thank you for your support,
-NISA Staff